Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions

In the present “Rental Terms and Conditions” it is intended:
“Client” is the person who makes the reservation and who utilizes the services and residences offered for rent by the association LivingApple;
“Reservation” is the request made by the Client to rent an apartment for a specified period of time;
“Rental Offer Proposal” is the written communication sent to you by LivingApple following receipt of the reservation, informing of the availability of the apartment, and containing a detailed outline of the offer to let and the request to forward a prepayment booking.
“Confirmation Letter and reservation ID” is the written communication sent by LivingApple which confirms receipt of the prepayment booking and containing the Reservation ID of the apartment.
“Tenancy Contract” is the agreed contract between the parties (lessor and lessee)
“General Terms and Conditions” refers to the agreed upon conditions during the tenancy

The reservation is considered finalized when the customer performs the prepayment booking to LivingApple SRL in order to confirm reservation and receives the “Confirmation Letter and reservation ID”  that LivingApple sent immediately after receiving the advance payment as specified in the previous paragraph, with attached the “Tenancy Contract”. The Tenancy Contract will be completed in the part containing the list of tenants, signed and sent back by the customer to LivingApple SRL.
The Tenancy Contract shall be submitted by the Customer upon arrival and at the time of taking keys for the apartment which has been rented.

The amount of the prepayment booking and the details of the rental proposal will be communicated with the “Rental Offer Proposal”. The prepayment booking will be 30% of the rental amount (but should not be less than € 150.00) and can be paid via bank transfer, on-line credit card payment (+2,5%) or PayPal (+3,4%) by visiting the appropriate page on the website.  The prepayment booking must be received by LivingApple within 7 days of having received notice of availability for the specific period requested.  Within 3 days in the event of an on-line payment.  In either case, in the box marked “causale” or “reason for payment” it is essential to indicate:  name and last name of the person requesting the reservation and the name of the apartment to rent.  LivingApple reserves the right to refuse any deposits received after 15 days from the notice of availability thereby resulting in an automatic cancellation of the Rental Offer Proposal.  The balance of the rental amount and the damage deposit (Euro 260.00) must be paid by the customer upon arrival and key collection.
The damage deposit must be paid in cash or through credit card pre-authorization

A reservation that has been confirmed cannot be cancelled and / or changed by the customer.
Each type of request of cancellation of reservation must be communicated by email to LivingApple SRL.
100% of the booking value (it means the total amount showed in the Tenancy Contract) will be paid by the customer in all cases where the customer has received a discounted rate and for all bookings that relate to periods of Holiday (in this case, Christmas, New Year, Easter and Middle August) regardless of how much anticipation was sent the notice of booking cancellation to LivingApple.
Any booking cancellation, even if replaced by another, by the customer, provides for the payment of the following penalties considering the moment when the notice of booking cancellation is forwarded to LivingApple SRL.
Time between arrival and cancellation Expected refund

Any cancellation request will be considered valid from the day that LivingApple SRL receives the request in writing, via email or via fax.

When you book an apartment, you receive the booking confirmation (Confirmation Letter and reservation ID) by email with instructions on how to organize your entry into the apartment. Please print a copy of the email and take it with you, containing all the information you need on arrival.
At least 3 days before date of arrival, must be sent by email the details of your arrival (estimated time of arrival). Also, on arrival date, must call the contact person (whose phone was provided in email booking confirmation) from the airport, once you have collected your luggage, to confirm the meeting time in the apartment. If driving, you should call the contact person at least one hour before the scheduled time of arrival. Please note that if you do not follow this procedure may result in you having to wait for your contact person and a delayed check-in.
On agreed hour, the person responsible for check-in will meet you at the apartment, will show the functioning of the equipment and give you the keys. You must pay the remaining balance and the amount of the damage deposit in Euros.
Check in must take place on the agreed upon arrival date (as in the Tenancy Contract) between 15:00-20:00.  Customers who arrive after the indicated contract time, are required to pay:

There is no check-in possible after 12.00pm (00h00) and no check-out possible before 7.00am.
Upon arrival, for registration purposes, it is necessary to provide identification of all the members will occupy the apartment.  In the event of any delays, it is essential that the Client notify LivingApple immediately; in any case the reservation will stand until 10:00 am the next day, afterwhich, LivingApple will consider the reservation void and will be free to rent the apartment to others.  Nevertheless, point 4 above will remain in effect.
In the event that the Client needs to depart prior to the agreed upon date, there is no reimbursement or reduction of the rental price.  Further, the reimbursement of the damage deposit may only be requested once the lessor has had the opportunity to verify the condition of the apartment.  It will then be reimbursed (bank transfer, postal money order or Paypal) in its entirety or minus amounts due for damages.
In addition to the previous methods of reimbursement provided for the damage deposit is also provided the credit card pre-authorization. The customer will have to choose, upon arrival, to pay the damage deposit by pre-authorization credit card.
In case of early check out and before 7 am of the departure day, LivingApple SRL formalize the transaction of pre-authorization only after verifying the condition of the apartments.

Each apartment is completely furnished complete with gas stove, fridge, set of pots and pans, dishes, glasses and cutlery.  Hot and cold running water.  The power supply is 220V.  For each bed a blanket and pillow are provided.  Mattress and pillow covers/protectors may not be used in substitutions of bed linens.  Upon request, it is possible to rent bedsheets and towels. Inside the house there is a check list containing the list of all objects belonging to the same.

The apartment must be vacated between 07:00-10:00 on the established date of departure.  Alternately, between 18:00-22:00 of the previous day in order to allow LivingApple personnel time to verify the conditions of the apartment and complete check out procedures.
Upon request, a night departure time, outside of normal business hours, may be requested but LivingApple may reserve the right to hold the damage deposit, per art.9, and to reimburse it in the form desired, once the status of the apartment has been verified.  The appartment must be reconsigned clean and in order:
free of bottles, garbage, boxes; kitchen furnishings (pots, cutlery etc) and shelves cleared and cleaned;
refrigerator should be empty, cleaned and defrosted (please leave fridge doors open);
all furniture should be returned to its original positioning in the apartment;
internal and external walls should not be dirtied or stained;
blankets and sheets should not be left on the floor;
the mattresses should not be wet or soiled in any way;
the internal and external walls of the house should not be in any way guilty.

The number of guests per apartment must be limited to and equal to the number that the apartment sleeps (ie.single bed-1, double bed-2), which have been specified in the Tenancy Contract and in the Guest List attached to it.  Please note, in this case, children (over 24 months) are counted as adults.
During the stay is absolutely forbidden:
Leave the furniture for indoor outside the home;
Get out of the house, leaving the outside sun curtains open;
Use wood for bbq
Guests must respect residence/condominium rules to include quiet hours specifically in the afternoon and night.  Guests will make every effort to avoid damages to walls, floors, appliances and all items furnished in the apartment.  It is requested that any patio or garden furniture be removed when the apartment is left unattended.  Any issues or discrepancies regarding the condition of the apartment and amenities must be addressed within 24 hours of arrival.
In regards to rental bylaws governing rental and conduct issues (eg.number of guests per apartment, respecting quiet hours), the lessor has the right to inspect the premises, in order to ascertain compliance with said regulations.  In the event that serious discrepancies are verified, the Rental Agreement will legally become null and void immediately as a result of any violations attributable to the Client.  The lessor can demand that the premises be immediately vacated and any balance of monies owed to be paid immediately including reimbursement for any damages.  Given the location and typology of the units available, LivingApple recommends its properties primarily to families.

The PIC NIC area may not be accessible some days and / or part of day. In case of total closure LIVINGAPPLE will inform guests.

Non compliance with the above point 7 and 8 may result in sanctions being applied which may vary from Euro 20,00 to 150,00 as well as an increase on the per person cleaning charge applied.

It is the Client’s responsibility to leave the apartment in order upon departure.  In order to ensure that all rental terms and conditions are satisfied, LivingApple requests a damage deposit of Euro 260.00 be left at the time of check in.
For customer will choose, upon arrival, to pay the damage deposit by pre-authorization credit card, in case of early check out and before 7 am of the departure day, LivingApple SRL formalize the transaction of pre-authorization only after verifying the condition of the apartments.

Upon verification that the apartment is being returned in good order, this deposit will be reimbursed.

LivingApple is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or broken in the apartment, nor for any injuries, delays or general inconveniences.  We are however, willing to assist in resolving any issues or problem encountered.  Any requests for reimbursement must be discussed and agreed upon prior to departure.  Any subsequent legal proceedings will fall within the jurisdiction of the City of Cassino (FR).

The description of the composition of the furnishings outlined in the catalogue and on the website, may at times vary.  The lessee understands that an authorized LivingApple representative may enter, prior communication, the apartment or room to effect any repairs and maintenance even during the tenant’s absence.
In case of reservation by groups with an average age less than 23 years:

At the time of the reservation, the lessee accepts all the rental conditions outlined above.

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