About us

About us

Livingapple founded in 2008 as a family business ( brand LivingApple ), and has been transformed into a company that specializes in Holiday Rentals in 2009.

The company was basically a desire to make known to the world the potential of the sunny Gulf of Gaeta, between Rome and Naples, where guests can have a relaxing holiday or very lively due to the wide range of possibilities that the area offers.

Our homes, carefully selected, are all in residential areas close to the center but away from the traffic: the concept of ecovacanza is critical today and will be more in the coming years.

The beaches on our territory are the most beautiful in the Tyrrhenian sea.

Except in some area of Calabria is very difficult to find in the Tyrrhenian Sea of fine sandy beaches so close to the mountains.

In the peace of the area pristine, you can spend your time running along the sea, do trekking in our mountains and hills , enjoying a good glass of wine on a private terrace or visit cities such as Rome, Naples, Caserta, Sorrento, Amalfi, Pompeii.

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